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Chardham Yatra opening dates 2020

It is believed by the Hindu monks since the ancient time that the entire universe was made by Hindu gods. Total 133 crores gods are worshipped in India. Male gods are called Devas, and female gods are called devis. Each and every gods has their different and specials powers and looks. Many of them are mixture of human and animal. Many of them are plants. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, are the main gods and Parvati, Laxmi, Kali are the main goddess of Hindus.

India has many pilgrim locations. Among them the Do-dham and Chardham Yatra are the most popular. In India, temples of Hindu gods are situated here and there. Four holy sites Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri are called Chardham together and situated in a Northern state of India, named Uttarakhand.

Vishnu is worshipped in Badrinath. The temple is located at a town, named Badrinath, in Uttarakhand, along the bank of Alakananda River. The temple Badrinath is also opened for pilgrims from April to November. Though there is no history about this temple, the mythological story says that Vishnudeb once sat here to meditate.

Lord Shiva is worshipped as Kedarnath, in Kedarnath temple. Kedarnath is located in the Garhwal region of the Himalayan range in Uttarakhand and built more than 1000 years ago. There is no direct road connected to the temple. People have to walk nearly 19 kilometers through uneven, sacred paths.

Gangotri and Yamunotri are two origins of the river Ganga and River Yamuna respectively. These two destinations have a high religiosity among Hindus. According to Hindu mythology, Gangotri was a place where King Bhagirath made a vow, after which the Ganga came down to earth. Yamunotri is the place where pilgrims seek the blessings of Yamuna, the ‘god of death’ Yama’s sister.

Opening dates of Chardham Yatra for 2020-

The opening dates of chardham are fixed by the priests. As the dates for the opening of Kedarnath dham will be decided in Maha Shibratri, 28th April.

The opening date of Badrinath dham is announced on 29th April.

And the gates of Gangotri and Yamunotri Dham will be opened respectively after Akshaya Tritiya on 26th and 27th April.

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Chardham yatra fixed departure (group package) from Kolkata

This family tour packages to Char Dham can provide you with a unforgettable expertise that you’ll treasure throughout your life as you’ll spot a number of the foremost spectacular valleys and exciting views which will leave you enchanted. Group Departures offer you the ideal opening to take a break from your hectic schedule and go on board on exciting adventures and travelling with a group can help you reduce travel expenses since everyone will be, When traveling in an unfamiliar place, it – s much safer to travel with a group. Our Chardham Yatra Fixed Group Departures all offer guided for sightseeing and/or a professional Tour Escort. Sharing the costs of Accommodation and Transportation Cost, Food and even Tour Tickets. You can tell your experiences and sweet memories with one another and making the holiday more fun and more memorable. Group of people from different regions of the world, you always have someone to explore with Opportunity for cultural exchange and know each other better. If you sign up with a group organised by a travel agency, you will also get the opportunity to socialise and create new friendships with people who share your interests. The revered shrine of Badrinath, a region of the Chardham of Uttarakhand similarly because the Chardham of Asian country, is settled between the Nar and Narayan peaks on the banks of Alaknanda. Dedicated to deity Ganga, Gangotri is one in every of the essential Hindu shrines in Uttarkashi place of Uttarakhand. The thanks to acquire stream Yamuna, Yamunotri, is that the westmost shrine in Chardham. The holy Yamunotri Yatra Tour Package offers tourists the possibility not solely to win the delights of the deity however conjointly offers to be able to get “Prasad” in shorter amount than the new spring water (Surya Kund), that features a temperature around fifty five C. So, best year to assemble the Yamunotri Package is in between the periods area unit between May-June and September-October.  It is conjointly renowned for adventures lovers because it offers several activities to require half like trekking, rafting, sport and far a lot of to create your journey lingering with nice expertise.Get complete package for Char Dham Yatra for each destination of Char Dham Yatra Tour and build your tour a lot of exciting with additional edges.  Dev Bhoomi, Tapo Bhumi, Land of Sages is among a number of the names to that the state is understood. It homes various majestic and divine shrines, temples and places. Char Dham Yatra / Darshan starts in summer season and area unit hustling and active with activity throughout the summer months, as many devotees embark upon the holy journey. The way to Char Dham is full of Taking this trip will definitely help you reconnect with mother nature and see the beauty that you have been exempted from while living in the city. The heart and soul of Indian Civilization and culture is the Himalayas – the largest range of Mountains in the World. It is said that one’s life is incomplete without the experience of sighting the majestic peaks of the Himalayas. Char Dham Yatra tour can give the ultimate of all the main Holy Places in the Abode of Gods and at the same time, make you feel the picturesque ranges and mountains. All the packages include comprehensive travel movement from one place to another with regular stops, hotel booking in advance, three meals, and all applicable taxes. We have been proud to offer our excellent services to Hindu Pilgrims for making this religious journey into the Char Dham to pray once in their lifetime at least.

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Chardham Yatra Routes in Uttarakhand

According to Hindu Mythology, auspicious yatra of Chardham ought to be undertaken from west to east in right-handed direction. This means Yatra begin from Yamunotri, then continuing to Gangotri , Kedarnath and terminates at Badrinath. Uttarakhand is contemplate because the Land of Gods ‘DevBhumi’ and also the amid lofty peaks of Himalayas ar contemplate as Home of Gods. The noted Temple of Char Dham ar placed in Garhwal Himalayas. CharDham Yatra is that the hottest non secular yatra ranging from April-May and continues until Oct-Nov once a year in Uttarakhand, India. Now Uttarakhand is also trying to promote Winter CharDham Yatra, which will include Kharsali, Mukhba, Ukhimath and Joshimath.
Location of Char Dham Shrines (temples)

Yamunotri is located 223 kms from Rishikesh.
Gangotri is found a hundred and five kms from the city of Uttarkashi
Kedarnath is located 223 kms from Rishikesh
Badrinath is found 298 kilometres from Rishikesh and forty eight km from Joshimath
All four holy dhams ar belongs to totally different Gods, as Badrinath Temple is devoted to Lord Hindu deity whereas Kedarnath Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and Gangotri & Yamunotri is dedicated to Godess Ganga & Yamuna river. Before you set output along all info and one set contains of knowing the route that takes you across scenic mountainous regions of Uttarakhand, Land of Gods. It is ancient Hindu apply that the circumambulation follows a right-handed pattern. Therefore, the Chardham yatra commences with Yamunotri being the primary stop followed by Gangotri, Kedarnath and, finally, Badrinath.There are many options for traveling within Uttarakhand:Train: Dehradun, Haridwar and Nainital are some of the places with their own railway station. This is considered the fastest way to travel within Uttarakhand.Bus: There are many local and private buses plying between different destinations of Uttarakhand.Taxis: Taxis are also easily available in Uttarakhand. Travel agents and hotels ar continuously happy to assist with taxi services too.Autos: Auto-rickshaws ar found in several regions of Uttarakhand.

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Significance of Do Dham Yatra

Do Dham yatra suggests that visiting any 2 dhams from Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri.
But Do dham yatra is mainly considered as the yatra to Kedarnath and Badrinath temples.The Do Dham tour may include the Gangotri Yamunotri Yatra or Badrinath Kedarnath Yatra.
The Badrinath Kedarnath Yatra that along forms the Do Dham Yatra take you to the mountain range valleys of Uttarakhand wherever the celebrated Badrinath Temple and Kedarnath Temple severally will be visited. Kedarnath is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are twelve main jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva or Kedar in India, and one of their abodes is Kedarnath which is the most remote site of the Do Dham yatra. It’s without doubt a awfully standard destination wherever large amounts of pilgrims create their visit to receive blessings of the Almighty Shiva and consistent with a legend it’s one of the twelve jyotirlingas of Kedar out of almost 200 shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva in Rudraprayag district.This conical protrusion is worshipped as the idol. His different elements area unit loved at different places, arms at Tungnath, mouth at Rudranath, naval at Madmaheshwar and hair at Kalpeshwar. Together with Kedarnath, these shrines are called Panch Kedar.The temple of Kedarnath was being built by Adi Shankaracharya with gray stone.The best time to visit the Kedarnath Temple is from the top of April to the start of November and one will reach there when a trek of 14km through a paved road from Gaurikund. The temple also has a ‘Garbha Griha‘for assemblies and a ‘Mandap’ for gatherings. Pilgrims can perform darshan, pooja and other religious activities. You can also perform special pooja before the general darshan in the morning. There are not any direct flights or trains or buses between New Delhi to Kedarnath. The convenient thanks to reach from New Delhi to Kedarnath is to require Indica from New Delhi to Kedarnath. The fastest way to reach Kedarnath from New Delhi is to take Spicejet from New Delhi to Dehradun then take a taxi from Dehradun to Kedarnath .
Badrinath may be a holy city and a nagar punchayet in Chamoli district within the state of Uttarakhand, India.The Badrinath Temple has nice significance in Chardham Yatra since it reflects the dedication to human race.It is being believed that Lord Vishnu meditated beneath the Badri Tree for a thousand continuous years for the welfare of human race and followed by that the Badrinath Temple was being created to visit Lord Vishnu’s distinct images.It is open for six months every year (between the end of April and the beginning of November), because of extreme weather conditions in the Himalayan region.The town of Badrinath lies between Nar and Naryana mountain ranges and in the shadow of Nilkantha peak, 301 km north of Rishikesh. The Badrinath is also a worthwhile place to visit Panch Prayag namely Devprayag, Rudraprayag, Nandprayag, Karnaprayag and Vishnuprayag.The popular belief is that when Ganga made her descend to earth she break up in to 12 streams and one of the channels, Alakananda felt on Kedarnath which gives Badrinath it’s majestic look.
Badrinath Temple opens for pilgrims between could and November. The date for the opening of the doors of Badrinath for pilgrimage is announced on the day of Basant Panchami.
Apart from being a preferred Hindu journeying website, Badrinath Dham also catches the eyes of the tourists for its easy accessibility and few attractions like Mana Village (the last inhabited village on Indo-Tibet Border), the sacred Alaknanda stream, scenic landscape, a number of trekking trails, and proximity to attractions like natural depression of Flowers and Hemkund European.

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